Thursday, May 19, 2011

In-Cognito Roux

I know that I should quit posting about my cat, but my friend sent me THIS video earlier and I feel the need to share.  That looks JUST like my cat, Roux (well, Roux with a pop-tart body).  I am so convinced that this is Roux that I'm now looking for ways to prove it.  I have always wondered what Roux does while I'm at work, earning my living and being a contribution to society.  Now I know.  She has been busy crafting her image as a pop-tart-bodied youtube celebrity that poops rainbows.  When I was unsure of who went through my underwear drawer, I was thinking of ways in which I could catch the culprit in the act.  Setting up a video camera didn't seem plausible, as I, 1. don't own one and 2. am cheap.  Plus it would have to tape all day and I don't think any battery life would last that long.

Then it occurred to me that I could buy Roux one of those animal collars that have cameras on them.  Life from Roux's perspective.  Riveting.  And obviously had all the makings of Reality-Show glory.  Love (the touching relationship between Roux and her Meow Mix).  Drama (where WILL Roux nap today?) and Adventure (imagine a scene in which Roux's tiny paws are venturing into the unchartered territory that is my dresser, making their way to the apex and opening up my underwear drawer, tossing the contents like a salad).

However, it seems that Roux has beat me to the punch and is already forging her own career.  My days as a stage mom are over.  But once I somehow prove that this is, indeed, my cat in this video, I better get my cut.

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